Oracle OpenWorld, Wednesday

Wednesday morning I spent the morning in the ADF Methodology Group unconference session. Fellow Oracle ACE Director Chris Muir had convened the meeting and explained the rationale for the ADF Methodology group. We discussed several aspects of ADF methodology: Eric Marcoux spoke on ADF testing, Steve Muench discussed how to advocate ADF, I spoke on the role of the database in ADF, Robert Nocera presented some ADF standards, John Flack spoke on reporting options and Avrom Roy-Faderman made some interesting points about reusability. You can find our work on assorted blogs and gathered on the ADF Methodology page on the Oracle Wiki. If you are interested in ADF and want to join the discussion, you are encouraged to join the ADF Methodology Google Group.

In the afternoon, I went to Larrys keynote. The big announcement was Oracle¬† hardware products: The Exadata Storage Server and the HP Oracle Database Machine. It was billed as Oracle’s first hardware products, which is wrong on two counts: Oracle tried hardware before (“Raw Iron” about 6 years ago), and the hardware is actually by HP. But the Exadata server looks interesting – by adding CPUs and including Oracle Parallel Query software right next to the disks, the storage server can return data instead of just blocks. Oracle claims a speed-up of between 10 and 30 times in large, real-life data warehouse applications.

He did not announce that there will be an Oracle XE 11g, but that is persistently rumoured here.

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