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Comparison of Oracle Portals

In one of my presentations at this year’s UKOUG Conference, I made a comparison of the five Oracle portal products:

  • WebCenter Services
  • WebCenter Suite
  • Oracle Portal
  • WebCenter/AquaLogic Interaction
  • Weblogic Portal

The comparison included framework capabilities, content management and built-in functionality, and I came to the following conclusion:Comparison of Oracle Portal ProductsThe evaluation applies to the currently shipping 10g products. The WebCenter Suite license includes WebLogic Portal as a separate product – for clarity, the line for WebCenter Suite evaluates only the core WebCenter functionality and WebLogic Portal is evaluated on it’s own.Oracle Portal is licensed with Oracle Application Server SE1, SE and EE. AquaLogic Interaction cannot be licensed separately except by existing BEA customers that need more licenses. WebLogic Portal can be licensed separately or as part of the WebCenter Suite.Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment here (registration required) or by e-mail to

UKOUG Conference Report

The UKOUG conference in Birmingham is over, and I have placed PDF files of my two presentations on the papers page.

I was only there for two days this year, but did pick up a few interesting things:

  • Oracle is now promising App Server 11g (including WebCenter) first half of calendar year 2009. On past form, that probably means a July to September timeframe 😉
  • Oracle will be moving to a new Access Management solution for App Server 11g. The existing Oracle SSO solution will not  be part of 11g, which means that you will have to keep a 10g infrastructure around if you use Oracle Portal, mod_osso or Oracle Forms with Single Sign-on. Migration path? Nope, you’re on your own.
  • It seems Oracle is backing away from an earlier commitment to use JCR-170 content in Portal 11g. If you want to use UCM with Oracle Portal, you’ll have to make do with the standard UCM portlets. Migrating Oracle Portal content to UCM? Once again, you’re on your own.
  • Forms 11g: It’s ready on the shelf waiting for the App Server 11g release.
  • Application Express: On it’s own release cycle – expect APEX 4.0 in second half of 2009. The WebSheet feature is really cool – you have Edit-in-place of table values without everything having to be in a text entry field, you can create LOVs from existing column values, and an end user can add columns to an existing table from the WebSheet.