Monthly Archives: January 2009

On a Mac everything “just works”? Think again!

Lured by the ads that the new Apple 24″ LED Cinema Display was “made for the Macbook Air”, I brought one home. But it is not made for my 4-month old MacBook Air – only for MacBook Air from November 2008 and later. Even though Apple needed another display connector like a moose needs a hatrack, they decided to give the 24″ LED Cinema Display only their own Mini DisplayPort. By publishing the spec, this Apple-only interface has magically been turned into a “standard” – used by exactly three notebooks in the universe. And my 1st generation MacBook air has a Micro-DVI port, not a Mini DisplayPort.

So is there an adapter? No. Can I have the old 23″ Apple monitor to go with my “old” Macbook? Sorry, Apple has discontinued those.

Pleased with my MacBook Air (awesome, even the 1st gen), I was ready to set up an iMac at home. But now it’s abundantly clear that the time when everything “just worked” with Mac was before Steve Jobs went on sick leave…

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I’ve started to twitter. In case you don’t know Twitter, it’s a communication service that can be used as a micro-blog – each post is 140 characters or less. Read more on the Wikipedia article on Twitter. You can sign up at and follow me at

Oracle is of course also on twitter, but only with their normal marketing messages – the Oracle Technology Network Twitter by Justin Kestelyn is much more interesting. I’ll also recommend following the Oracle Development Tools User Group Twitter (where I also twitter).

Oracle Portal success stories – only with BEA products?

The January edition of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Information InDepth newsletter has an article “Modern Portals Create Advantage in Uncertain Times“. Oracle quote two customer success stories (both banks) – interestingly, one of them is using Oracle WebCenter Interaction (which used to be BEA AquaLogic Interaction) and the other one is using Oracle WebLogic Portal (which used to be BEA WebLogic Portal).With all these successes, it was clearly a good idea for Oracle to buy BEA. Now we are just waiting to hear a success story from someone actually using Oracle’s strategic WebCenter product…