Monthly Archives: March 2009

ADF down, ApEx up

I’ll be presenting on Oracle development tools tomorrow afternoon here at the Oracle User Group Norway conference. As always, this is an opportunity for me to reflect on my own experience with the tools and the discussions I am participating in, and update my Oracle Tools list.

In this latest update, I have downgraded ADF and ADF Faces from “strong positive” to “positive” – even though Oracle 11g has been out for a while, I am still not seing any significant take-up outside of Oracle Corporation. We probably need both a free Application Server XE and a reasonably priced version of Oracle WebCenter for ADF to take off.

On the other hand, I have upgraded APEX from “positive” to “strong positive” – with the Forms conversion wizard in version 3.2, the already enthusiastic developer community is likely to gain even more momentum.