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Oracle Team Productivity Center: Shows Promise, Must Try Harder

For my upcoming book (“Enterprise Applications with Oracle ADF”), I am currently writing a chapter on productive teamwork with ADF. This was a good reason to have another look at Oracle Team Productivity Center (OTPC), which is Oracle’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.OTPC offers integration to Bugzilla, Jira, Rally and Microsoft Project Server, as well as an undocumented chat client. Since I use Jira and other Atlassian products, that’s the integration I tested.What I like:

  • Ability to acces my Jira items from within JDeveloper
  • Google Talk client within JDeveloper
  • Ability to link code checkins to issues
  • Ability to save and restore context (open files)

What I don’t like:

  • Whole product has an unfinished, v0.9 feel. Usability leaves quite a bit to be desired
  • Auto-update can’t install OTPC – you need to jump through some hoops to perform a manual install
  • Jira integration is still rudimentary and slightly flaky; you need to switch to regular Jira too often
  • No ability to connect a document repository
  • Link between issue and checkin can only be seen in JDeveloper. If Jira Issue ID was automatically put in SVN commit comments, I could match code with issue in Jira/Fisheye as well

Should you use it? If you wish to map issues to source commits, you should use it. If you are running Jira and Fisheye for better issue-to-source mapping, you must manually add Jira issue ID to comment to establish the mapping. If you don’t need this mapping, you are just as well off staying with stand-alone Jira in a browser.I haven’t tested the Rally integration – but it is promising that the Rally extension is developed by Rally Software themselves. So if you’re into Agile and running Rally software, I encourage you to look at OTPC.Oracle Team Productivity Center definitely looks promising – now Oracle just needs to finish the tool…