Fusion Middleware: Where is the U.S.?

I’m just back from the ODTUG Kscope11 conference in Long Beach, where I presented my regular tools overview presentation, a WebCenter session, an enterprise ADF development session and an ADF tuning session as well as various panels.

One thing I noticed very clearly is that almost all the non-Oracle presenters in the Fusion Middleware track were from outside the U.S. For example, the Lunch and Learn panel on Fusion Middleware consisted of

  • Guido Schmutz (ACE Director, Switzerland)
  • Sten Vesterli (ACE Director, Denmark)
  • Ronald van Luttikhuizen (ACE Director, Netherlands)
  • Chris Muir (ACE Director, Australia)

In Scott/Tiger, we are busy with ADF development, and I know from my ACE Director friends in Europe that they are also working on ADF and SOA projects.
Is nobody in the U.S. actually using Fusion Middleware? Or are they just not talking about it?

One thought on “Fusion Middleware: Where is the U.S.?

  1. Not sure about the US Sten but I’ve certainly seen 2 projects in Canada that are using both SOA and ADF.

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