Oracle OpenWorld 2011, part 2

Well, the hardware part has been announced – more big iron from Oracle: Exalytics specialized BI box, big data appliance and yet another “plug in and forget” database appliance. Interestingly, Oracle is offering R (the open source statistics package/language) in a licensed enterprise version together with the Big Data box – clearly, they’re going after a slice of the lucrative SAS market.

On the Java and Open Source side, I believe Oracle is starting to get up to speed as champion of the Java language with JavaFX 2.0 announcements, proper support for Mac OSX and the Java EE 7 and Java SE 8 roadmaps.

This morning, I’ll be at the keynote as part of the Fusion Nation – about 500 Fusion Applications evangelists wearing characteristic red vests. If you want to know about Fusion Applications, stop one of the guys or girls wearing these vests.

Tomorrow, at 9 am, right after the big party tonight, I’ll be giving my tools overview presentation. So if you are wondering if you should stay with Oracle Forms, where APEX is a good fit or when you should use ADF, come by the Marriot Marquis Golden Gate B room to hear “Choose Your Weapon: An Overview of Oracle Development Tools”.