Monthly Archives: December 2011

WebLogic 12c: For Admins and Java-heads, Not for Me (Yet)

Oracle lists more than 200 new features in WebLogic 12c – unfortunately, I don’t get to use them.

The improvements fall in two main categories:

  • Management, Performance and High Availability (HA)
  • Java EE 6

As a developer, management and high availability is “somebody else’s problem” – I appreciate the work my app server admin does, but it doesn’t affect the code I write to meet business needs. I welcome performance improvements as much as the next guy – but I want them to be transparent and not force me to code for a specific performance feature of a specific app server.

I would really like to be able to utilize the new features in JEE6, but for the time being, this is restricted to “pure” Java programming. As an Oracle Fusion Middleware developer using various parts of the FMW stack, I will have to wait for my beloved Application Development Framework to be supported on WebLogic 12c. I hope the wait will be short!