Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Future of Financials Applications: Excel

I just completed another great training session held by the Oracle User Experience (UX) team. I am privileged to be part of the Oracle Fusion User Experience Advocates team, so Oracle is putting a lot of effort into teaching us about Fusion UX.

One of the topics was the new Financials demo that we learned to give. So now, I can play the part of accounting manager at Vision Operations…

While the General Accounting Dashboard is nice, the really mind-blowing part of the Financials part of Fusion apps is the way it uses the ADF desktop integration features. This means that you can seamlessly download your journal into Excel on your desktop, work with the data and then upload it back into your ERP system. As I know business people, they’re gonna love this!

If you want to see what the financials part of Fusion Applications look like, feel free to send me a mail.