Monthly Archives: February 2012

Lean Times Ahead for Oracle User Groups

Over the last years, the Oracle ACE Program has offered generous travel support to Oracle ACE Directors like me. This has allowed even small and poor user groups in far-off places to invite world-class speakers to their events, with Oracle covering travel and accommodation costs.

This policy has now been tightened significantly – maybe because Oracle’s net income for second quarter of their 2011 fiscal year was only 2 billion dollars.

The new rules supports a maximum of two ACE Directors per event and requires each to give at least two presentations. This means that star-studded events like the Nordic ACE Director Tour to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland we were planning this fall will be very difficult to arrange in the future. You might also see fewer ACE Directors at ODTUG, UKOUG, Collaborate and RMOUG in the future, as the ACE Programme has rescinded travel support for these events.

However, Oracle is still generous enough to fund ACE Director travel, subject to the limitations above. So if you would like me to speak at your user group event, just make sure you don’t invite more than one other ACE Director. As they say in the westerns: “This conference ain’t big enough for the three of us”

Some Clear Talk on Cloud from Oracle

To an IT professional, it’s obvious that not every system belongs in a cloud (whether public or private). However, with all the hype surrounding Cloud Computing these days, these voices of reason tend to be drowned out.

After receiving a deafening roar of “CLOUD” from the Oracle marketing machine at OpenWorld last year, it was a pleasant surprise to hear the technology side of Oracle weigh in with some sensible opinions. If you are considering cloud computing, I’d encourage you to take a look at the whitepaper Cloud Candidate Selection Tool: Guiding Cloud Adoption, which contains some good guidance for considering if and where to use cloud computing.

Oracle is not giving away the actual spreadsheet they are talking about – for that, you’ll have to call your friendly Oracle account representative.