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Should I move from Oracle Forms to ADF?

Even though this question has been asked and answered a million times, it still pops up on various forums regularly. It’s not that difficult:

Oracle Forms or ADF?

If you end up on the right-hand side of this flowchart, you start at the JDeveloper ADF Getting Started Guide to learn ADF.

If you end up on the left-hand side of this flowchart:

  1. Don’t buy a tool to automagically “convert” your Forms application to ADF or other new technologies.
  2. Think about whether a modern Look and Feel for your Forms applications is what you need – see “Ten Years Younger – The Oracle Forms Makeover” by Grant Ronald
  3. If you need your Oracle Forms application to participate in a modern IT architecture, read “The Future of Forms is – Forms (and some friends)” by Lucas Jellema and Grant Ronald.

See? I told you it wasn’t hard.

Real-Life Oracle WebCenter

When asked about public-facing, real-life examples of Oracle WebCenter in action, Oracle has for the last couple of years presented universities (Université Laval, Texas A&M University). But it is now rumored that BAE Systems‘ site is running Oracle WebCenter.

As it should be, you can’t tell from looking at the site (which looks cool, by the way) – it has been stripped of the typical URL parts that give off WebCenter/ADF applications. But the curious reader can examine the page source and find hints like AdfLogger.DEFAULT_LEVEL=AdfLogger.OFF and Created by Oracle ADF (ADF Faces API - …)

Another interesting development that shows ADF and WebCenter moving from internal sites and onto the wider web is the improved web crawler support. In, you can programmatically detect a visit from a web crawler and generate special, spider-friendly content for it (Google, Bing and Yahoo supported). See the JDev New Features document for more.