Should I move from Oracle Forms to ADF?

Even though this question has been asked and answered a million times, it still pops up on various forums regularly. It’s not that difficult:

Oracle Forms or ADF?

If you end up on the right-hand side of this flowchart, you start at the JDeveloper ADF Getting Started Guide to learn ADF.

If you end up on the left-hand side of this flowchart:

  1. Don’t buy a tool to automagically “convert” your Forms application to ADF or other new technologies.
  2. Think about whether a modern Look and Feel for your Forms applications is what you need – see “Ten Years Younger – The Oracle Forms Makeover” by Grant Ronald
  3. If you need your Oracle Forms application to participate in a modern IT architecture, read “The Future of Forms is – Forms (and some friends)” by Lucas Jellema and Grant Ronald.

See? I told you it wasn’t hard.

3 thoughts on “Should I move from Oracle Forms to ADF?

  1. Sten, I think you are omitting the below questions which make it harder to choose whether to migrate to ADF:

    1. How long will it take?
    2. Will the end users like it?
    3. What will I do with my Forms developers?
    4. …. and many more

    Don’t you think these are important ones one should be able to answer before any migration?

    1. You can always think of more questions, causing paralysis by analysis. Typically, most organizations are afraid to change, so they come up with a long list of questions that have to be answered before anything can change.

      To address your specific questions:
      1. Why would that matter? Will you migrate if it takes two months, but not if it takes three?
      2. They will if you do your work right (ie. involve them)
      3. Train them in ADF. It’s a valuable skill, so most will want to learn. Some won’t and might leave. But IT should exist for the business, not as an employment agency for old programmers

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