Oracle has just announced a new Oracle Database Appliance, this time with WebLogic. So if you are looking to move to WebLogic and want a high availability environment, read on.

Like the previous editions of the Oracle Database Appliance, this is a physical 4-U rack mounted box that comes with a standard software bundle – new is that WebLogic is included. You connect power and network and run the setup wizards to install the pre-packaged database and weblogic bundles and have a high availability environment up and running in a day.

You should definitely consider this option if all of the following apply:

  • You are moving to WebLogic (because you have started building ADF applications or are moving to Forms 11g)
  • You want a high availability environment
  • You are not very familiar with managing WebLogic (especially in a HA environment)

What does it cost, you ask? Well, it’s a standard HA environment, so it’s Enterprise Edition of both database and WebLogic. You’ll pay $60K for the hardware, $47.5K/CPU for the database EE, $10K/CPU for RAC One (or $23K for full RAC) and $25K for WebLogic EE. So, say you want to start with 4 cores of DB with RAC One & 4 cores of WebLogic, you’ll have to shell out $225K.

Interestingly, this system has pay-as-you-grow licensing – so if you want more cores, you pay up and and are good to go immediately (until you are using all the 24 cores in the machine). This is a one-way street as is usual with Oracle licenses; you can’t go back to fewer cores.

2 thoughts on “WebLogic-In-A-Box

  1. Thanks for the post – interesting, I hadn’t even thought about the Forms angle which could fit on ODA quite nicely.

    There are a few more subtleties to the middleware licensing to consider though. If you’re using OTD that will need at least a core per host (depending on whether you overprovision CPUs) of WLS EE or Suite, plus both OTD and WLS have Admin Servers on separate VMs (a good thing IMO) so they also need a core or two. So out of those 4 WLS EE *Oracle Processor* licences you suggest, i.e. 8 cores on ODA, you’ll need to allocate maybe 2-4 cores to non-Managed Server VMs (though of course you will be getting the benefit of OTD).

    Note I feel there should be a “free” restricted-use licence for Admin Server to run anywhere included as part of the licences you buy to run managed servers since the admin server is not really contributing to the business benefit from the software. Sten – if you or your readers agree with me please let Oracle Product Management know 🙂

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