Review: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer’s Cookbook

As the title says, this is a “Cookbook” containing specific recipes for handling specific tasks. Most of the tasks are development tasks faces by a SOA developer with a few that are more relevant to a SOA administrator.

The 67 recipes cover many components and technologies used in the very large Oracle SOA Suite, including BPEL, OSB, Java in SOA, JSON, OPSS etc. Some of the recipes are fairly simple and do not really contain much information, but serve more to make you aware of features in the SOA Suite that you might not have been aware of. However, the majority are very useful and detailed (include these JAR files, remember to check this checkbox, use this code) and definitely have the potential to save you some time.

I especially appreciate the thorough chapter with recipes for Oracle Meta Data Services (MDS), which is sorely under-used in Oracle implementations. There is really no need to hardwire configuration and environment parameters into code and config files when you have MDS, and this book explains how to use it.

The recipes for using JSON with OSB are also very relevant, as SOA applications start pulling in data from outside the organization, typically in JSON format.

Just like you won’t make every dish in a regular cookbook, you won’t be using every recipe in this book. But if you are working with the Oracle SOA Suite, do check out the table of contents and see if there is anything to your taste. Even if you need just a few of the recipes, the time you save is well worth the cost of the book.

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