I have seen the future of ERP

I’m at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores this week for a workshop on implementing Oracle’s best user experience (UX) design practices in ADF.

Yesterday, the Oracle UX team hosted a confidential (strictly no photography!) event demoing some of the new stuff they are working on. If I told you the details I’d have to kill you, but what I can say is this: The future of ERP is as a platform, not an application.

I have been building custom user interfaces for Oracle E-Business Suite for years and have been struggling with inconsistent, incomplete and only slowly evolving APIs. With Fusion Applications, that’s all different – because it is service oriented from the bottom up, it becomes easy to build multiple interfaces to the core Fusion Applications services.

You’ll see many ways of accessing the Fusion Application platform on various devices. Oracle will be covering desktop, laptop, and mobile with various products specialized for each platform. But  if you’re not happy with what Oracle is building, you can easily use the Fusion APIs to build your own interface. Who will be the first to implement Fusion Apps on Google Glass?

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