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Is it just me, or doesn’t anything work in JDeveloper 12c?

Preparing for OpenWorld, I’m updating all my demos to 12c. Unfortunately, my conclusion so far is that nothing works.

The BC tester (now renamed ADF Model Tester) crashes JDeveloper and doesn’t take bind variables. A simple ExecuteWithParams example ignores my parameter value. The list goes on…

Oracle tries to imply some maturity by calling the new JDeveloper, but it feels more like Am I the only one with this experience?

Please comment below or on the 12c thread in the ADF EMG forum.

Book review: Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide

“Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development” is part of the Packt “Beginner’s Guide” series and targets the newcomer to ADF. These guides contain a mixture of factual information, step by step instructions, quizzes and open-ended questions in order to encourage the reader to examine and experiment.

It covers all of the basics of ADF, from installation through business components, pages, task flows and bindings, ending with deployment and a number of advanced topics. The coverage of is a bit uneven – some topics are only covered briefly or out of sequence, while other topics contain in-depth information that don’t really fit in a beginner’s guide.

I like the quizzes – the answers are provided at the start of the book, so remember to skip over those pages if you want to do the quizzes later. The open-ended encouragement to explore more is unlikely to work if you are reading the book by yourself, because there is no summary or wrap-up. On the other hand, if you use this book in a study group with colleagues or have an experienced ADF developer to ask, they can be useful.

This book will not be the only ADF book you need. I don’t think a beginner will be able to build applications after reading this, but he will know much more about ADF than before. Even as an experienced developer, I found new information in this book.

You can buy it from Packt at