The Age of Transparency

It seems that Boing just lost a 4 billion dollar deal to supply fighter jets to Brazil, because the Brazilians were miffed that the NSA spied on them.

You also live in a transparent world. If the NSA was unable to weed out Edward Snowdon in their hiring procedure, do you think you don’t have any leakers in your organization?

This affects your risk index exponentially:

  • The probability of an information leak is increased, because technical countermeasures are lagging behind the capabilities of a malicious user to smuggle out confidential information
  • The impact of an information leak is increased because your confidential information can easily be widely disseminated, and some types of information will spread virally way beyond your capability to stop it

Based on this dramatic increase in both probability and impact, some actions (even completely legal ones) will simply no longer be worth the risk.