Nine Agrees and a Signature

If you have ever rented a car in the US, you will be familiar with the little LCD device on the counter where you sign your rental contract with a plastic stylus. On the same device, you’re also obliged to acknowledge other things. Since the text is written in 6-point font on a low-quality LCD device, it is for all practical purposes illegible. I assume I’m agreeing to things like that it’s not the rental company’s fault if I run someone over.

The girl at my rental company knew the procedure by heart. “Nine agrees and a signature,” she offered helpfully.

I’ve seen a lot of systems with superfluous dialog boxes that do not add any value and do not cause the user to actually think about the content of the dialog box – they simply slow the user down. I think I’ll call it “nine-agrees-and-a-signature syndrome”. Does any of your systems suffer from that?