If You Build It, They Still Won’t Come

I’m at Oracle Headquarters for pre-OpenWorld briefings this week, and am seeing many great things (that I’m not allowed to blog about yet 😉

One thing that still puzzles me is that Oracle still don’t get social. They have very nice Social Network features (their product is called Oracle Social Network), but they insist on keeping this inside a walled garden with no integration to the outside world. In this, they are no different from Yammer and other enterprise social/collaboration tools.

They admit that “adoption is a challenge” – you bet! Why would I spend time on an internal social network that contains only 5-10% of my contacts?

The solution is obvious but mysteriously resisted by Oracle: They need need to import posts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc and integrate them into the company social network. In that way, I could go to one site to get all my social feeds (minus the obviously Not-Safe-For-Work posts that the company could filter out).

Maybe they’ve never thought to ask their users what they wanted?