Monthly Archives: November 2015

Forms 12c update

I’ve updated my Oracle Map with new information about Forms 12c. As you might have noticed, we got Forms 12c in October 2015, so we have support until at least 2023.

An important new feature inĀ Forms 12c is the ability to deploy stand-alone (through Java Web Start) without a browser. This is necessary because browser vendors are desupporting the NSAPI interface that the Java plug-in depends on. You already can’t run Forms in Google Chrome, and Firefox will stop supporting NSAPI end of 2016. The new Microsoft browser also doesn’t support it, so you’re stuck with Internet Explorer (as long as it lasts).

arrow2I’m still giving Oracle Forms a down arrow – nothing new is happening in Forms, and Forms developers are slowly retiring orĀ moving to new things.

Write About Cloud – Or Else?

In another indication of how important Cloud is to Oracle, the ACE Director community just received their first official quota of advocacy from Oracle. We are expected to produce a specific number of blog posts, videos, tweets, etc. about Oracle Cloud.

I’ve been part of this great program for eight years, have benefited greatly and have been able to help many Oracle customers along the way. Until now, we ACE Directors have been free to contribute in whatever way we wanted. We’ve handed in an annual report of our doings, and those found worthy have been granted another year in the program.

This is the first time we have been given such a specific assignment, and it makes me worry about Oracle’s position in the Cloud marketplace. They have great Cloud products, but if they consider it necessary to ask us to promote Cloud more, it indicates that Oracle Cloud does not have great traction among customers yet.