A Happiness Project

How would you like to become a little happier? At this time of year, many people return from summer vacation to their day jobs. For most, this leads to a drop in happiness. That’s why it’s a great time to execute a little happiness project.

seven-1426637_640Your task is very simple: Each day this week, at least once a day, register your general happiness level on a scale from 0 (deeply depressed) to 10 (couldn’t be happier). If you are into apps, you can surely find an app to help you, but a piece of paper or a sticky note will do fine.


On Sunday, set aside 15 minutes to look at your stats for the week. Then think of three things that would each increase your happiness score by one point on one of the days. For example, you might decide that you could have had coffee with a friend on Thursday. Or you could have gone to a movie instead of watching TV on Saturday. Or maybe you could have refrained from correcting somebody on the internet, even though they were obviously wrong.

http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/duty_calls.png used under CC BY-NC 2.5

Next week, your task is continue to track your happiness and put these three ideas into action. On Sunday in two weeks, when you reflect on next week, calculate your total weekly happiness and see if it has increased.

While sum_week_happiness < 70 repeat.