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That Universe Isn’t Going to Fix Itself

I’m decompressing from Oracle OpenWorld with a 6-day Qigong retreat in Minneapolis, and one of my insights is:

It is up to each of us to make the world a better place

I’ve met many people whose natural mode of operation was to complain. I appreciate these people, but they are not improving the state of the world.

Every day, each of us have the possibility to improve the world. We can show kindness to a friend, colleague or stranger. We can share some knowledge we have – on the project Wiki, in a company newsletter, through a public blog post, an article or a conference presentation. We can contribute somewhere – be part of an Open Source project, volunteer in a user group.

That universe isn’t going to fix itself. Think about what action you can take today to move us all to a better place.


Why I Won’t be Going into the Oracle Cloud Yet

After some persuasion, one of my customers was ready to experiment with the Oracle cloud. So I signed him up for a trial Database Schema Cloud service and built him a little APEX application to show how fast and easy it was to get rid of some spreadsheet-based business processes.

no_cloudThis morning, my customer called me to say that the service didn’t work. Indeed it didn’t. I had  neglected to put the expiry date into my calendar, and when your 30 days are up, Oracle will wipe out your instance. There is no warning email and your instance is gone without any possibility of restoring it.

So the demo was gone, and with it that potential Cloud customer.

My fellow ACE Director Tim Hall said recently on his blog:

Having used Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Public Cloud for quite some time I have to say that Oracle Public Cloud lags far behind the other two in user experience.

I fully concur with that opinion. Additionally, when your process for trials is to wipe them out without warning, you are making it really hard for even your most enthusiastic supporters to recommend you.

Oracle still has a lot of work to do on their cloud services.