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How Clever are Oracle Intelligent Bots?

Today, I’ve started on a three-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Developing Chatbots with Oracle Intelligent Bots. With 1171 people signed up, the course is full!

Oracle chatbot MOOC

I’m curious to see what Oracle can offer to distinguish themselves in the crowded chatbot space. I’ve investigated 14 of the best chatbot building platforms for developers, Top 10 Platforms To Build A Chatbot For Your¬†Business, A Comprehensive List of 25 most amazing chatbot platforms that will rule in 2018 and beyond, and the remaining 10 top hits from Google for “chatbot platform” from the last six months. They disagree strongly on which tool is currently the best, but they agree on one thing: Oracle Intelligent Bots service is mentioned nowhere. One reason could be that it is part of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, and another could be that Oracle is once again entering a crowded marketplace late.

If you are a loyal “red stack” Oracle customer, it probably makes sense for you to buy your chatbot platform from Oracle, especially if you have a need for some of the other features of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise. The most intriguing question is whether Oracle can leverage some of their other cloud services, for example getting customer or order information from an Oracle SaaS service. That would make Oracle Intelligent Bots a killer addition to the Oracle cloud for these customers.

I’ll be back with more information as I learn what the Oracle chatbots can do. If you are using chatbots (proof-of-concept or in production), I’d love to hear what platform you have chosen.


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Do you need to learn something new in 2018?

You can change your life on any day of the year. But for some reason, incrementing the year counter in the Gregorian calendar makes more people aware of this fact. So should you change your life as an Oracle professional in 2018?

If you are a DBA, the autonomous, self-driving database is not going to put you out of work in 2018. As as matter of fact, the Oracle Database 18c is not an Autonomous Database. Oracle has announced an Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, but even that is still “Coming soon.” But do keep an eye on what this technology can do for you and your organization once it ships.

Autonomous database not here yet

If you are a database (PL/SQL) programmer with more than a few years from retirement, you’ll need a new gig. Consulting companies are laying off PL/SQL developers and most Oracle shops have more PL/SQL developers than they know what to do with. In the short term, if you don’t know APEX, definitely learn. In the long term, learn something outside the Oracle ecosystem.

If you are a Java developer, you’re good. There are billions of lines of Java code that will need maintaining for the next several programmer lifespans.

And don’t forget to eat healthier, exercise more, drink less, and stop making unrealistic promises to yourself. Happy new year!


This post originally appeared in the Oracle Tool Watch newsletter. Sign up to receive a free copy of my whitepaper “What Oracle is Doing Wrong (and Right) in the Cloud“.¬†