Outdated stuff

I haven’t kept the book and link list up to date – these days, you can find all you need at Google.

Oracle Web Applications 101In case you pick up a copy of the book, you can still download the tools and the webstart toolkit below.


To convert an HTML file to a snippet of Java code, you can use html2java.

To convert an HTML file to a snippet of PL/SQL code, you can use html2plsql.

Both utilities take an -in parameter, where n is a number of spaces to indent.

For example, you could use the command
html2java -i4 empList.html
to convert the file empList.html to a snippet of Java code where each line is indented by four spaces.

Both of these utilities were written by Morten Tangaa-Andersen.

They are of course free of viruses, but for your own peace of mind, you should scan them anyway 😉


Here you can download version 2.3 of the Web Application Toolkit i refer to in my book. This version is dated 2002-04-22 (yes, it really hasn’t been updated since…) and is the version I presented at the IOUG Live! conference in San Diego 2002.

It’s Open Source – please read the license.