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Oracle Cloud: Credit Where It’s Due

I’ve had interesting discussions with people inside and outside Oracle after sharing my experience with some of the Cloud trial services.

In the interest of fairness, I want to state that the DB Schema Service seems to be the outlier in poor customer service. Since my last Cloud post, Oracle has improved the service slightly. Instead of terminating it completely without warning, they now send me a mail at 7 pm that my service will disappear in less than a day, and then another one at 3 am saying that it’s now gone. So the inattentive developer will still leave the office at 5 pm happy to be running an Oracle Cloud service, and arrive the next morning to find it gone.

Other Oracle Cloud services are better – for my currently running Application Builder Cloud Service trial, I just got a reasonable warning that it will expire in 9 days.

Application Builder Cloud Service getting closer

I recently noticed that Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCS) now has an official pricing. From my experience with other Oracle Cloud services, publishing the actual pricing is normally the last step before the product becomes generally available. ABCS looks very promising as a tool to build a modern user interface, though I strongly doubt whether it will truly be used by advanced end users as Oracle envisions.

I’m discussing ABCS and other Oracle topics in the Oracle Tool Watch newsletter that goes out today.