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Dusting Off the Data Warehouse

Businesses all over the world have spent millions and millions building data warehouses and implementing Business Intelligence (BI) without coming anywhere near the promised business benefits.

That is about to change.

And the thing that will change this is interactive, visual analytics on tablets.

Tablets and modern interactive graphics are a match made in heaven. Business users who will reluctantly spend half an hour looking at a BI report will happily spend hours playing around with their business data when presented beautifully. The demos I have seen here at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco show that this future is already here. You can finally unlock the value you have accumulated in your expensive data warehouses.

Why you don’t need Big Data yet

There is an interesting article on Forbes where Paul Sonderegger from Oracle is making the case that you have to jump onto the “Big Data” bandwagon without delay if you want to avoid your big-data-using competitors crushing you.

But he would say that, wouldn’t he?

In reality, most companies already have way more data than they can analyze well. Here in Denmark, despite a much-hyped business intelligence solution, Danish brewery Carlsberg ran out of their special Christmas beer long before Christmas. And global courier UPS was wrong-footed by a surge in last-minute online Christmas shopping, leaving millions of presents still winding their way through the logistics chain on Christmas morning.

More data only helps if you know what you’re looking for. So unless you know what you are looking for, or are one of the few companies who still have spare money to throw at new technologies without a business case, you do not need big data in 2014.

Why you can’t install Oracle BI EE on Dell laptops

I’ve been trying to install OBIEE on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop and got a strange error message saying that “Oracle Business Intelligence is not supported on this Windows version.” The message then says that OBI is indeed supported on Windows XP, which my laptop runs.

After some hair-pulling and searching, I found the solution in an OTN thread on the topic. The core of the problem is that the OBI installer calls systeminfo.exe, and that program crashes when probing for a network card. This is caused by the defective old version of the Broadcom ASF Management program that’s installed by default on many Dell laptops. The solution is simply to Simply uninstall “Broadcom Management Programs” from the Control Panel Add/Remove Software. If you like, you can then install the program again by downloading the latest version for your laptop from the Dell website.