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Fewer crashes with JDeveloper 12c (12.1.2)

If you are working with JDeveloper 12c (12.1.2), you will probably have experienced quite a few crashes – I had several during my the live demos in my presentations at the UKOUG Tech 2013 conference in Manchester this week.

A few things that help:

  • Increase memory (google “JDeveloper memory”, lots of instructions on various blogs)
  • Don’t work in Design mode when building pages. I’ve had much fewer crashes when adding components on the Source tab
  • Whenever JDeveloper crashes, take the “Save and exit” option. Sometimes this does not lead JDeveloper to shut down – in that case, manually save all files and restart JDeveloper. If you just take the “I don’t care, keep running” option, your crashes will become more and more frequent.


Is it just me, or doesn’t anything work in JDeveloper 12c?

Preparing for OpenWorld, I’m updating all my demos to 12c. Unfortunately, my conclusion so far is that nothing works.

The BC tester (now renamed ADF Model Tester) crashes JDeveloper and doesn’t take bind variables. A simple ExecuteWithParams example ignores my parameter value. The list goes on…

Oracle tries to imply some maturity by calling the new JDeveloper, but it feels more like Am I the only one with this experience?

Please comment below or on the 12c thread in the ADF EMG forum.