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Dutch Cars – Technology That Fits

I was just in Amsterdam last week, and they have the smallest cars I have ever seen:

small_carAt first, it looks counter-intuitive, given that the average Dutchman seems to be several meters tall. But really small cars is actually a very obvious solution for a crowded city like Amsterdam with many canals, narrow roads and very limited parking. These mini-cars are actually parked on the pavement, probably avoiding the 5 Euro per hour parking fee intended to kick cars out of town.

Technology that fits.

Useless counting

I was just walking out of Security at London Heathrow and passed a small kiosk with the question “What was your experience at Security today?” and four buttons with various smileys. No travelers pressed any buttons, but passing security staff pressed the “I’m very happy” button.


I’m guessing that security staff are measured on the happiness of their “customers”. And any traveler with experience of London Heathrow security would find every occurrence of “very happy” spurious.

If you are taking actions or basing remuneration based onĀ  information you collect remotely, are you sure what you are collecting?