Making IT Live Up to its Promise

Most organizations do not get the value they expect from their IT. Their IT operations are expensive to run, and their IT projects are late, over budget and don’t deliver what the users need.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Information Technology is a powerful force that can and should provide competitive advantage. My most successful clients use me to get the business and the IT side aligned in order to achieve and exceed the organization’s goals.

Some problems are caused on the business side by using ill-suited processes to specify, procure and develop IT solutions. Some problems are cause on the IT side by using inappropriate technologies and methodologies. And many are caused by poor communication between the business and IT.

I can help your IT organization work together with the business at peak effectiveness and efficiency for true strategic advantage. Call me at +45 75 64 54 64 or email me at to discuss how we can work together.