Another Avoidable Disaster

Today’s totally avoidable IT disaster is found in the Slack app for Android. It turns out the app stored the user password in unencrypted plain text. That means that every other app on your phone had access to it, and it might now lurk in various log files on your device. Slack is red-facedly asking users to update their app and change their password.

This is an example of what happens when developers operate under tight deadlines and without adult supervision. Any competent IT development organization has code review procedures. If you are a large, high-profile organization that release apps to millions of user, any new release should have a separate security review performed by a security professional. But Slack insisted on letting their team operate without any guardrails. That means it was a matter of time before they ran off the track.

If you are a CIO, take a look at your systems list. For every non-trivial or externally facing system, there should be a link to the latest security review with a date and a name of a real person – outside the development team – who performed the security audit.

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