Are you Releasing Sub-Standard Systems?

Out of a sample of 5,000 apps, 80% did not live up to a reasonable standard. Are you releasing sub-standard apps or systems?

A company the reviews healthcare apps for the UK National Health Service found many bad examples, including apps that provided complex medical advice without any expert backup, or apps without security updates for several years. They’ve been though 5,000 apps, but there are 370,000 health-themed apps out there.

As a CIO, look in your systems list for information about applicable regulation. For every system, you should see a list of what regulations (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA etc.) apply to that system, and the name of the person who has certified that this list is complete. For every regulation, you should also see the name of the person who certify that the system complies. If you don’t have that information in your systems list, you are probably releasing sub-standard systems.

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