Use Real Intelligence Instead of the Artificial Kind

If you can leverage real user intelligence in your systems instead of the artificial kind, you get a better result with less effort. But it takes some intelligent thinking by your developers to get to that point.

The new Microsoft Edge (version 88) that rolls out soon has crowdsourced the difficult decision of which browser notifications to allow. Users are tired of constant “Allow this website to send you notifications?” prompts, but it didn’t work to just make all of them more unobtrusive. Microsoft tried that first with “quiet” notification requests, but that meant many users were missing out on the notifications they did want. Instead, the upcoming version will use the decisions by all Edge users to decide which notification requests to show. If everybody else has refused notifications from a specific website, the Edge infrastructure learns that and defaults to not show notification requests from that site.

Do you have ways to harvest the decisions your users are already making and use that data to improve your systems? Put your data scientists to work on the challenge of using human intelligence instead of continuing to try to train AIs.